Welcome to the Family part of our website. This just a small way to get to know us and our family. Also, why we LOVE our dairy goats. Two-legged kids in the family are Aaron (Soon to be Aaron and Stacy), Chris, Matt, Amanda, Melissa and Todd. The older, but young at heart pair are Kevin and Melanie. The family started doing dairy goats in 1989. It started as a 4-H project and now has grown into our favorite hobby. This farm would be very lonely without our 4-legged family. All the 2-legged kids have shown or are showing. Melanie and Amanda joined the clan in August of 1998. Amanda took to the goats right away and loves kidding time the best. Melissa and Todd can always be found out in the barns, just making sure everything is ok, between their visits. Like everyone else, we are busy with family, full time jobs, the farm, and kids sports. We hope that this gets you acquainted with us just a little bit. We hope to add more in the future. Thanks for stopping by..... y'all come back now ya hear!
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